and found his ID cards

I’m divorcing my husband, and found his ID cards, SS card, Green cards, all on a different name. He told me he change it recently, but according to these documents he never had name he married me with, and he never used his real name anywhere. Not mortgage, not loans, not in divorce filesJA: Because family law varies from place to place, can you tell me what state this is in?Customer: CAJA: Have you talked to a lawyer yet?Customer: Nobody wants to take my caseJA: Anything else you think the lawyer should know?Customer: bcus it was uncontested and I sighed judgement

I want annulment. If it even possible. We have a son, 16 years old, who lives with him at our condo. His cousin lawyer, offered us free help filing uncontested divorce and promised to split everything 50/50, including child support. I agreed, but had to leave home, because had no choice, and my husband said we are selling it to his cousin and if I want to get any money I need to transfer deet to him, take what ever he gives me, and get out, leaving our son with him. Later he said he is not going to sell anything, but will refinance property and get my name off the loan. He never did. Son only on weekends, and no one to take care of. Money ran out in no time and I found a job, starting all over again. It was hard, but I managed to keep the place and support myself. Unfortunately, in 5 month, my department was closed, I lost my job and had to let go big expensive apartment. Asked Eugene for help or to let me go back home for a couple of month, till I find work and rent another place. He refused, and didn even open a door to let me inside.

So basically one can vacate a judgment if it is based on fraud so if a party legal name is correct, that can be the basis for vacating the judgment.

Then one can file for annulment based on fraud:

Per the court website:

Fraud: Either party got married or registered the domestic partnership as a result of fraud. The fraud must have been about something vital to the relationship that directly affected why the party who was deceived agreed to the marriage or domestic partnership. Some examples are marrying only to get a green card or hiding the inability to have children.

That information is here:Then the court can go ahead with the property distribution and all of that. Best Fake IDs

While the court prefers finality of judgments, if there is obvious fraud, that is generally a grounds for vacating the judgment; the court can even award sanctions because of legal fees incurred as a result of fraud.

As for an attorney even one offering services for free they are bound by the professional rules of conduct and they aren allowed to self deal unless full disclosure is made.

Those rules are here (you can review them to see if any other rules apply)Until that point, any court orders would remain in effect; so the party that was entitled to custody in the decree would still have custody absent a modification.

It may be difficult to find an attorney to handle this because one would need to persuade the judge that the reason a default is needed is to then get an annulment that would normally not be allowed; but if there is clear fraud then there is more of a chance especially if the names are wrong.

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ok, I will definitely read all the links with rules. I have a briefcase of files, mortgages, refi , insurance papers,IRS letters all researches, copies of docs. All I did myself in 4 month. Most, if not all on the accounts are doubled with another accounts, with same numbers, but different addresses, or different starting and closing dates. And when I payed for them (and I payed for all for 12 years, from my own account,till I stopped) payments registered in the system, as double pay, and then refunded back to him. Found paystabs from Liberty Mutual, showing monthly refunds of the same amount I payed for car insurances. I payed for cars, for me, my older daughter, for him and his mother. For all the phones, all bills, mortgage, utilities, vacations, food, ets. I stuck only at this point, filltrustid where I need a lawyer to and this madness. I ready to hire.

I can only imagine your frustration to put it mildly sometimes we really just don know a person. CA does have a certification in family law for lawyers that are experienced in this field in particular you may wish to hire a certified family law attorney to help with this case since this is not the run of the mill cases.

It seems like he files papers in one office, and his cousin lawyer, in another. Judgement was returned twice, because of something missing or forms not matching. I never ever got any copies of files from them, until I asked lawyer from on line services and she told me judgement got returned. Then I started to go there and pay for my own copies. When I asked clerks, which one is correct they say Aug 4h is the one in the computer. So it a world of Alice in Wonderland and it gives me a migraine.

Police i tried twise. First front desk officer said its 4pm and its the end of the work day and too late, cause investigators are going home now (police department!!!!). And he gave me a tiny piece of paper with numbers to call. I didnt think it was a phone conversation and deside to wait, till i have evidence of crime commited. Then i went second time and asked for detective, because i want to report fraud and find out who my husband really is, since he is using several names. One offiser said laud, in front of other visitors: ha, she doesnt know who she married! I got confused and felt ashamed, like i was a trader and a criminal. Then i said one of the front desk officers gave me contact numbers to call investigators, but o decided to come and talk face to face. Thats my police experience

Hi. It me again. Called a reff. lawyer, explained my situation to the assistant, and the assistant said they will call back. (declaration? Emergency order? Affidavit of Identity?)I simply want to ask Petitioner in my case, to present at least 2 form of ID, to showing his legal Identity as Yevgeniy M Mechtovich, when and where (court order for name change?) his name was changed from Eugene to Yevgeniy. And if it was why wasn I informed of this change. If name was changed what was the reason Plaintiff didn use his legal name on Marriage certificate, property deeds, Good Fake IDs mortgage loans, other bank documents, child birth certificate, divorce filing papers, etc.