Asylum seeker forged ID card to work in Leeds

At first, Mandande said he was looking after the items for his cousin, who had visited the DWP in June to gain a National Insurance number, with Mandande acting as his interpreter.

But the Congolese national, who fled the country because he was an active member of the opposition and risked arrest or even death, Best Fake IDs admitted possessing a false identity card last month. Handing him a six month suspended jail sentence and 80 hours of unpaid work, Judge Penelope Belcher said: “It’s plain that you’re a highly intelligent man who was forced to leave the Congo because your own safety was at risk.

“Nonetheless, you have committed a criminal offence in attempting to gain a National Insurance number when you know you’re not allowed to work in this country.”

Leeds Crown Court was told that Mandande, Scannable Fake IDs who has studied for a masters degree in mechanical engineering since arriving in the UK, had one application for asylum rejected in September 2003.

He has another application pending, but is unlikely to be sent back to the Congo due to political unrest.

His lawyer, Graham Parkin said: “His entry to the UK was with a false document and he accepts that. fake ids It was the only way that he could be spirited out of the country.