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3 Quick Tech Tips for Your Next Telehealth Session

As clinicians, we are all looking for ways to improve our patient interactions when using telehealth. For some, harnessing the many options offered by this emerging technology may be intimidating. But technology doesn’t have to be a barrier to using telehealth successfully. Whether you are new to telehealth or simply interested in advancing your use of this technology, these quick and [...]

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The Need For Speed: From Athletes to Aging Adults

A physical therapy exam typically includes an assessment of alignment, movement analysis, symptom modification procedures, range of motion, and muscle performance. But in the many exams you have likely performed, when was the last time you assessed speed? When we think of speed, a picture of an elite sprinter frequently comes to mind. However, speed is essential not only for athletic performance, [...]

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The Future of Healthcare: Integrating Telehealth in the Care Continuum

Ten years ago, if you talked about meeting your significant other online, ordering a meal through an app, or asking your car for the fastest way home, you were definitely outside the norm. Today, however, technology is prevalent throughout our social and workplace activities. It should be that way for our healthcare activities too. Introducing Telehealth The healthcare landscape has [...]

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3 Tips for Delivering Better Care with Telehealth

Telehealth has come to the forefront as a viable option in this defining moment in health care. Faced with our current public health reality, many clinicians are struggling to transition their years of in-person treatment to virtual care. Although there are similarities between telehealth care and in-person care, there are also significant differences. Addressing these differences appropriately can minimize clinical challenges and [...]

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Specificity in the Clinic: Basic Therapeutic Exercise Just Won’t Do

We are often tasked with rehabilitating athletes who have return to sport or intense physical activity as their primary goal. Are we adequately challenging these people in the rehab setting enough to smoothly transition them back into their sport or hobby and mitigate reinjury? Participation in athletic competition has grown over the last 30 years.1 With this increase in sport involvement, [...]

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Moving Beyond MMT: Diagnosing & Treating Movement Dysfunction

As therapists, we use manual muscle tests to assess a patient’s strength on a daily basis. But does the standard manual muscle test (MMT) give us all the information we need to assess patient strength with regards to function and sport? What additional muscle testing strategies can we use in combination with standard muscle testing to establish a more [...]

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