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Muscle Performance Testing: Create Your Own Dynamometer

A Brief History of Strength Testing Manual Muscle Testing Manual muscle testing (MMT) is a widespread, nearly universal test used by physical therapists and other allied health professionals to determine muscle strength and weakness in their patients. Henry and Florence Kendall standardized and popularized the test in the 1940s during polio outbreaks. MMT was a quick, simple, and reliable way [...]

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Identify, Specify, Modify: 3 Key Steps for Effective Exercise Prescription

How many times have you found yourself assigning similar exercises to patients with various conditions? Think about how many times you have prescribed basic exercises, such as clamshells or bridges to strengthen the gluteal muscles, without determining whether or not it was the most appropriate exercise. Therapists can often lose sight of the art of exercise prescription and progression. This [...]

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Are Special Tests Necessary? Why You Should Also Use Symptom Modification Procedures

We are always looking to provide the best, most specific treatment for our patients. With both special tests and symptom modification procedures in your toolbox, you can educate your patients on what anatomical structures are impacted, why these structures are irritated, and how to best address the underlying cause of the dysfunction. The Place of Special Tests in the Exam Process [...]

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