Buying or using fake ID cards comes with steep consequences

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) Captain Richard Wagner with the Adams County Sheriff’s Department says students will often get fake IDs to be in the cool group and to get into clubs and bars. However Wagner says there are severe penalties that come with having or using fake IDs.”If it’s just fictitious, which means it’s somebody else’s state ID and they’re trying to use it or it’s been altered, it’s a misdemeanor, it’s a class a misdemeanor, best fake id ” Wagner said. “If it’s an ID that’s made and not made by state or government office then it’s a felony. It’s a fraudulent ID.”Wagner says even with today’s advanced technology some IDs are not that sophisticated, while others are. Wagner says in the past the sheriff’s department has seen people using a brother’s, sister’s or friend’s ID, which is against the law. scannable fake ids “Maybe to get into a bar or something like that,” Wagner said. “Which we count as a fictitious ID. That’s a class a misdemeanor so if you think you can get away with that don’t try it. Because that’s a class a misdemeanor and that’s not very good especially in your young career.”Anyone convicted of having or using a fake ID will receive a one year suspension of his or her driving privileges, could face up to one to three years in prison and pay a mandatory minimum fine of $500 up to $25,000. fake id