How to get a unique smart card ID

Why you don write a simple pair of setSerialNum and getSerialNum() methods for your own applet to return a unique serial number? Are you worry about simulating your applet methods? I assure you that the hacker can simulate the card unique response too. The hacker can write an applet that has AID of your card SD and make it as default selected and each time you request Security Domain for SN, his/her applet returns the arbitrary value (unless you use a secure channel. chip manufacturer byte); so x and y coordinates on the wafer may be on different offsets depending on manufacturer and the length of this block may even vary depending on the chip. In any case the hardware reference manual is required.

Summary: If you need an unique information, Best Fake ID websites the specification must have stated this at the very beginning, most likely via a specified instruction to retrieve it. In a multi supplier environment everything else is likely to fail. The only remaining choice is, to add a sort of ID as user data under your own management.

1: For GP cards, the SD (Security Domain: A mandatory applet that is installed on the card by default) is responsible for returning card specific data including IC Fabrication date, IC Serial Number and IC Batch Identifier, etc. Best Fake IDs As long as you didn’t use a secure channel between the card and the off card entity, you can’t trust the SD response. But why? Because any malicious user can write a simple applet with AID equal to your card SD’s AID that returns his/her arbitrary data to your command and install it on a smart card and make it default selected. In this case when he/she put the card on your readers, his applet answers to your off card application command and you can’t detect fake cards.

2: As dear guidot mentioned above, different card may or may not support equal commands to return these card specific data.

So, Scannable Fake ID I suggest you to add a pair of setSerialNumber() and getSerialNumber() methods to your applet and implement a secure channel between your offcard and your applet to be sure about uniqueness of your cards.