Man charged in credit card and identity fraud operation

City police say the bust of a credit card fraud operation is more evidence of the crime increasing frequency. where they found blank and counterfeit credits, scanning devices, fake vehicle registrations and equipment to roll back vehicle odometers.

They charged Calgarian Andriy Volodymryrovich Plyusnin, 28, with nine fraud related charges and for possession of a small amount of MDMA and marijuana.

It possible the operation was part of an organized crime effort, said Staff Sgt. Kristie Verheul and definitely an activity of growing frequency.

is becoming the mainstay of work being done by the economic crimes unit, Scannable Fake ID she said.

are seeing an increase in credit card fabrication over the last year, it leads us as investigators to be on top of it. was charged last September with fraud over $5,000 for allegedly purchasing 54 vehicles with locally skimmed credit cards and rolling back their odometers.

Such crimes are typically conspiracies, said Verheul.

usually not one person working on their own, it a group of two or more people and that can be categorized as organized crime, she said.

She said the accused would skim peoples identities and use fabricated credit cards to make purchases of items that would then often be re sold. Scannable Fake ID

It’s not clear how many people were victimized in the frauds, said Verheul.

Devices used to produce the cards and the blank cards themselves are too easily and legally procured, said Verheul.

should be more controls, but it be very difficult to regulate, she said.

City police have charged a city man with running a credit card and identity fraud operation.

They allege Andriy Volodymryovich Plyusnin, 28, was producing fake credit cards and identifications and have charged him with nine counts related to fraud activities. buy fake ids