Upcoming Con-ed Courses

Los Angeles 2023

Courses Worldwide

Dr. Vagy teaches continuing education and injury prevention seminars worldwide. His expertise is with integrating the assessment and treatment of the movement system with sports biomechanics. Please contact: themovementsystem@gmail.com if your organization is interested in hosting a course.

Movement Performance Institute: The Movement System: Athlete Lower Half

University of Southern California: The Movement System: Athlete Upper Half

Dalian, China: Injury Prevention of the Track and Field Athlete

Beijing, China: Comprehensive Management of the the Upper Quarter athlete

Nairobi, Kenya: Complete Management of the Foot and Ankle

Rock Climbing Con-ed

A rock climbing continuing education course series for medical professionals looking to advance their knowledge in assessing, diagnosing and treating injuries with rock climbers. The material is highly interactive with an emphasis on case based learning and practical application.

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